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never you mind...

Hi, I'm Drew

I'm a music geek
I work at starbucks...sue me
Don't start with the lame hipster comments
I run a musicblog at:
I love all types of music and I'm always looking for something new, so if you think I would like something, please, comment.
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raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr [Wednesday,
January 25th, 2006]
[ mood | gloomy ]

So I threw away someone I'm in love with last night... because I'm in love with her..

life is funny like that huh.


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December 8th, 2005]
girls are so frustrating...
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October 19th, 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

it's funny how things change when you find out what's most important to you...

I would do anything for you.

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August 27th, 2005]
The rumblings fade away and the earth settles, the blood-red sky mirrors the devastation of the land below.

The rubble shifts.. scattered survivors emerge, grim determination set in their faces...

They gather, an unspoken purpose driving them.. They converge, not a word escapes their cracked lips; in silence, they pick up their soul's voices, their weapons..


And as one, they play..

The landscape responds, quaking in newfound purpose. Scorched corpses seem to tremble, desolate ruins shift and groan.

Who are these silent soldiers.. these post-apocalyptic messiahs?


Our saviors continue, preaching not of hope, but of total embrace with Our Mother.... Despair..

Languish in her bosom, let your thoughts and feelings find their cold rest..


Millennia pass like waking dreams.. our sacred rites pass into stale religion..


A group of truth-seekers, not satisfied with tales of old, enter the sacred city, the tabboo, Our Mother's temple...

Enboldened by the lack of swift consequence they move on, and soon come upon an altar..


Sacred relics of that day, preserved and waiting.. yearning...

They silently pick them up.. and begin to play..

This is not their forefather's message, this is new, this is their own truth, this is their reality..

Hope is reborn in aural form...

Gasping with their newfound power, they soar, gravity having no hold any longer.. endless possibilities await..

Spurned into awakening by their reckless abandonment, Our Mother rises... an angry goddess preparing to wreak her vengeance...

They clash..

Explosions in the Sky...

silence reigns...

a hush... a glance.. a furtive wish.. inner conflict between ancient loyalties and newborn yearnings...

silence reigns...

the waiting begins....
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May 29th, 2005]
So I don't know how many of you have heard of Exploding Dog but I was up till 4am the last few nights and ended up creating some really crappy "fanart."
will you be my friend?Collapse )

all the cool kids have sight deficienciesCollapse )

damn telephone hates meCollapse )

I watched you take coverCollapse )

oh buggerCollapse )

now what?Collapse )

when you went I wished you hadn'tCollapse )

oh wellCollapse )

just take it and go..Collapse )

you sometimes (always) leave meCollapse )

mine all mine give giveCollapse )

destroy destroyCollapse )

heh toldja they were crappy..
But for some odd reason it's addictive, so I've decided to start doing what he does at explodingdog, send me a title and I'll do a crazy doodle to go with it..
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May 29th, 2005]
[ mood | disgusted ]

So I recently posted in my musicblog about the band Crime in Choir, an instrumental neu-prog band. and I start getting comments like this:

Amanda said:
"hmm.. I just listened to Crime in Choir.. and for once I think I actually DONT like a band you put on your blog..."

ninjagirl4593 said:
"I didn't like it that much either...WHY NO WORDS?!?!"

*sigh* needless to say I was frustrated, but what made it worse was looking through these girls "interests" in their profiles.
these are exact quotes.

Amanda's Profile:
"Favorite Music"
"Franz Ferdinand Weezer alternative.. stuff like that" (gotta love that alternative... stuff)

Ninjagirl14593's Profile:
"Favorite Music"
"Blink 182 green day story of the year cky good charlotte three days grace mxpx rancid linkin park red hot chili peppers chevelle the cure(ROBERT SMITH RULES!!! the clash the used my chemical romance and a lot more that im too lazy to name "
(what is it with The Cure lately?? do these kids realize they've been around for like 10 million years? why the sudden "OMG ROBERT SMITH IS GOD!!!!111oneone" crap? especially since The Cure's latest effort is one of their worst to date??)

I mean c'mon people, I can dig pop-punk, I can even dig nu-metal, but how could ANYone only listen to that???
I'm still cringing over the "WHY NO WORDS?!?!" part.
There is no hope for the next generation.

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ohhhh Canada! [Monday,
May 23rd, 2005]
So apparently we're living in a police state... Ever heard of "Sneak-and-Peak?"
A new Terrorism Bill allows police officers to break into an individuals home, search it, and leave without ever telling the owners they were there.. Scared yet? oh yeah then there's the National ID Card!!!

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picture time! [Monday,
May 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | missin you ]

the crazy ones...Collapse )

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the depths I go to light your way.. [Tuesday,
May 17th, 2005]
I never have any time anymore, I've been neglecting my livejournal, my musicblog, all my online friends... I'm sorry! I've been a bit busy of late but I will do my best to not let it happen again.

Drove up to Williamsburg last week and spent the night, went shopping and picked up a few cds I've been meaning to get my hands on for years it seems..

Of Montreal - The Sunlandic Twins
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Joanna Newsom - The Milk Eyed Mender
Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
M.I.A. - Arular
The Arcade Fire - Funeral

I'm in love with all of them...

In other news, my soul has been marked by a demon cat.. I'm expecting it to come claim it any second now..

I am ridiculously in love with "I Am The World Trade Center." Anybody have a cd they'd like to get off their hands?
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May 4th, 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

Brooke came over last week thursday, saturday, and sunday. We spent most of the time playing dance dance.. woop woop
dance dance picsCollapse )

Had a great time chillin at starbucks and getting lost in the woods.. haha.
more picsCollapse )
Brooke, you're wonderful.. I miss you terribly<3

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site of the moment [Thursday,
April 21st, 2005]
[ mood | happy! ]

My musicblog was ranked "Site of the Moment" over at Top Blogs

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for all you music lovers [Wednesday,
April 6th, 2005]
I now have my MusicBlog avalible as a syndicated Feed on LJ!! (much thanks to megan :-* ) For those who have been under a rock for the last 5 years or so, this means that you can receive all musicblog posts in your friends list by adding the feed to your friends.


again, please please please give me comments/critisisms.. I wont know how much I suck till you tell me!
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finally [Monday,
April 4th, 2005]
I finally got around to posting in my musicblog! Now thats its going Im going to update it regularly so check it out every week! :D

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Im certifiable [Friday,
March 25th, 2005]
[ mood | insane ]

My Day..... the readers digest condensed version

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March 22nd, 2005]
Oh, you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet...And hold the earth in placeCollapse )
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another weird meme stolen from becky cuz shes cooler then me [Tuesday,
March 15th, 2005]
1. Take your LJ username and replace each letter with the corresponding number (A=1 .. Z=26): cradlexofxfaith= 3, 18, 1, 4, 12, 5, 24, 15, 6, 24, 6, 1, 9, 20, 8
2. Add all of the numbers together to create a kind of super number: 156
3. Add the digits of the number together: 12
4. Find the post of this number in your journal.
5. Take the digit you noted in step 3, and count that many words into the post: they
6. Use the resulting word in a google image search, and select a picture from the first page and post the results:
OK i gotta post more then one... these are too cool :)

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dabblings... [Monday,
March 14th, 2005]
messed around with a few pictures today.. tell me what you think

lift your skinny fists like antennas to the sky!!Collapse )
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for whomever gives a care [Thursday,
March 10th, 2005]
[ mood | happy ]

ok.. so a lot of people have been asking for "recent" pictures of me... why? I don't know... so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone... grant the teeming masses their wish.. and show off my bangin' new earrings :D
so off we go. enter... the world...of... drew:

pictures lie beyond..Collapse )

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photo shoot [Sunday,
March 6th, 2005]
[ mood | tired ]

Went camera crazy while hanging out with brooke, kelley, dan, and greg today... please leave comments, critiques, insults..etc

by the mill shootCollapse )

pictures by the wall shoot.Collapse )

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meme [Saturday,
January 22nd, 2005]
Im a sheepCollapse )
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